Welcome to Sufi Center Minnesota

We invite you to join us as we walk the Sufi way of spiritual realization.  Our teachings consist of centuries old formulas for helping the wayfarer travel through the stations of the self, the heart, the soul and the secret.  A long line of Sufi masters have carefully preserved these teachings from ancient times and they are now available for all to "taste."  Our community comes from all walks of life and we welcome anyone who truly loves God and is interested in spiritual growth and healing of the heart.  The teachings are open to people of any race, faith and background and available to those with money and for those without.  We follow the teachings of all the Prophets and emphasize the common ground of Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice, Freedom and Beauty.

In the Twin Cities we have a vibrant community waiting to join hands with you on your spiritual journey.  We have weekly classes and events, designed for both newcomers and experienced spiritual travellers.  We offer ongoing classes on a variety of topics as well as hosting visiting teachers from all over the country.  Most of our local classes are free and scholarships are available for most of the workshops we host for national teachers.


"The Guide who shows you the Way is your brother.  Take his hand and he will lead you from station to station, from the dark to the light, from the gross to the subtle.  The secret is in the Love.  You are the love, not another.  When you find this Love, what more could you want?"

- Sidi Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal

Who we are

The Shadhiliyya Sufi Center Minnesota is a group of people who have come together under the direct guidance of our guide and teacher Sidi Shaykh Muhammad Sa'id al-Jamal ash-Shadhuli.  It is our intention to live by and carry on the teachings and traditions of Shadhiliyya Sufism as taught by Sidi.  Our mission statement is "to witness the Divine Unity of God's creation in deep service through the teachings of the guide of the Love, Peace, Mercy, Justice and Freedom.

The Shadhiliyya way is a straightforward way for coming into direct experience and knowledge of God.  As those following a Sufi path, we strive to "see" the Reality of God's Existence within all creation.  Our goal is not merely having the knowledge which one can gain from books but truly living in this Reality moment-by-moment.  We attempt this through prayer, supplication, work, service in community, family and personal lives.

Healing in the Sufi way

As human beings our suffering and pain - emotional pain, mental uncertainty, physical disease, spiritual restlessness - is a reflection of where we have lost connection with the Deep Love that is our true nature.  Deep healing, joy, peace, harmony and much more are available when we return to the Unity which is the source of all life.  Our return to the Love manifests itself in our physical health, our state of mind, an open heart, caring and fulfilling reationships and our ability to live productively in the world and give generously to help make our communities healthier and happier.  Sufism offers us a doorway to return to who we are as brother and sister in God and creators of peace and reconciliation in the world.

Our Community

We invite you to join us for an experience of this way.  Please come to any of our teachings, classes or healing circles (prayer, meditation and chanting done in a group), or attend an event we may be putting on.  All are welcome regardless of race, color or religion.  Sufism is a path of attraction, not conversion.  Come and find out whether the attraction of your heart is calling you.

Contact us

Please contact us with any questions or with any interest you mayy have in the classes, teachings, workshops or gatherings listed on this website.

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